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Rebedding and Pointing

Over time the bedding cement that holds ridge cappings in place becomes brittle and needs replacing. This happens due to exposure of the natural elements, small shifts in housing structure, and the growth of plants, such as weeds and moss, within small cracks of the bedding. When the bedding is dislodged gaps are exposed which can lead to leaks. The pieces of dislodged roof bedding can end up in the gutters and downpipes causing blockages.  

The process of rebedding and pointing the ridge capping is needed to ensure the roof is waterproof protecting the internal contents of the house from water damage.


Whirleybird installation

Whirlybirds are a cost effective solution to assist the passive cooling of your roof space and thereby the comfort of your living areas. Benefits include; heat and moisture reduction, improved ventilation and airflow.


Valley Replacement

Valley's overtime will rust and need replacing in order to prevent leakages.    



If you're building an extension Benny guarantees to match roof tiles to existing dwelling.


Moss Removal/ Pressure Clean

For general maintenance and to improve the appearance of roof.


Roof Painting

Three coats using Nu Roof products.


Gutter Cleaning

Removal of leaves and debris.


Tile & Leak Repair

If you're having problems with any kind of roofing leaks in your home, Benny's is well equiped and more than happy to repair any and all of them for you with professional workmanship and high standards. 



Roof maintenance is important, especially if you plan on selling your home in the future. 


Insurance work 

We also offer assessments for insurance claims covering areas of roof leaks, storm damage and fire damage to roofs

roof repairs
Gutter cleaning services
roof repairs
roof repairs
roof repairs
Gutter clean
Gutter clean
Roof repair
Valley replacement
Roof Restoration
Roof Painted
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